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Introduction to Etna


Etna stands for Easy daTabase Network Access. This library helps to connect to a web database of type PHP/MySql (other database type should work as well). This library may be used with all versions of Blitz (BlitzBasic, BlitzPlus, Blitz3D AND BlitzMax), as well as PureBasic, DELPHI and C++.
The two main advantages of this library are

A large number of applications is possible with this library. Some examples for an online game:
But this library is also useful for non online games:
Etna, although simple to use, is aimed at people knowing a few notions of SQL request and PHP language (or similar database type).
Notice that Etna does not access the database directly, but instead needs a server (distant or local) running a script able to access the database (like in the case php/mySql). Etna is working with php script: other script languages are not garanteed to work, but the authors are willing to integrate them if you make the request.
Please note that Etna is not multiplatform (Windows only).


License and download

This library is an "email-ware". This means that this library is free. However, if you use this library in one of your project, you MUST contact the authors saying that you are using Etna. An email, or a post in a forum (Etna, Blitz or PureBasic forum), is required whatever is the status of the project: commercial or non-commercial, completed or in development. Even if the project is just starting, is just private or will never be released, you are still required to send an email. Needless to say, your email won't be use except for the authors to do a count of their users. Contacting the authors gives you automatically and immediately the rights to use the library without restrictions. If you wish, you could describe your project in your email, and we can even include a link to your project on this web page if you authorize us (see below).
To contact the authors: Progi1984, RepeatUntil or the Etna forum.

If you agree on this license, you can download the latest version of this library from .


Common to all languages: php installation for encryption
If you are using encryption with ETNA:






Examples and tutorials

You can see some examples of the use of this library in the Examples/ directory. You will find:
The majority of the examples are in all languages (Blitz, Delphi, PureBasic and C++). Some examples are only in one or two languages, but you could always look at them since the Etna commands are the same in all languages.

There is also a special section for tutorials.

Web page

The web page of Etna is accessible on You can also check the Etna web page on the BlitzKlan site .

Support / Contribution

For questions/suggestions, you can:
Etna is a dll: if you wish to see other languages supported (C#, DarkBasic, etc) and you own one of these languages, then you are welcome to wrap Etna for this specific language (and let us know!). Wrapping Etna for a specific language is easy and shouldn't be more than 30 lines of code (that you are just copying from another wrapper!).

Games/Applications using Etna

(if you wish to see your game/application listed here, please let us know)


Special thanks to Loki for the logo and beta-testing.
Many thanks to Izguit to have implemented Etna in the DELPHI language.
Special thanks to Fra who developped the wrapper for the C++ language.
This library was written within the BlitzKlan .

Progi1984 and RepeatUntil

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