RakNet wrapper for Blitz


RakNet is a network library full of possibilities.
This web page is about the Raknet wrapper for Blitz. This wrapper was originally developped by Kurix for Blitz3D, adapted to RakNet 3 and BlitzMax by RepeatUntil. This wrapper works for all versions of Blitz (BlitzMax, Blitz3D, BlitzPlus). There is also a cross-platform version (windows, MacOs, Linux) for BlitzMax! (thanks to Jimon)

This wrapper is open source, and could be modified by anyone who would like to improve it. I have no more time to work on it. This is a project who should benefit the whole Blitz community, so please send all improvements to repeatuntil _at_ online.fr (to upload on this web site).


There is a version using a dll, so working only on Windows. There is also a cross-platform version using a BlitzMax module.

The release version contain the minimal set of files to use RakNet. The development version is for someone willing to improve/correct the wrapper. The dll was compiled with dev-c++ v4.9.9.2. There is a help file named HELPRakNetWrapper.txt that describe step by step what you need to do to compile RakNet and its wrapper and create the dll.

Version with dll, Windows only:
Release version (Windows only), using RakNet 3.82: download.
Development version (Windows only), not updated to RakNet 3.82 (but still useful for those who wants to improve the wrapper): download.

Version with BlitzMax module, Windows, MacOS, Linux:
Cross-platform version for BlitzMax (Windows, macOS, Linux), using RakNet 3.82: download.


The bigger thanks go of course to Kurix who did the hard work writting the original wrapper!
Thanks to Paco for the Blitz3D version of RakNet!
Thanks to Kevin Poole (Kev), Stu Collier (Ovine), Retimer for improving the wrapper!
Thanks to Jimon for making the wrapper available on all platform for BlitzMax!
Thanks to Xaron and Tab for updating the wrapper to RakNet 3.82!