2 Sept. 2004:
Added russian language (thanks to MANIAK_dobrii). This was pointing to a missing feature of Cod2Doc: the ability to set the character encoding of the html pages (cyrillic in this case). Now you can set any character encoding in the language files themselves. Thus you could now have chinese, japanese, or whatever non-occidental encoding!
Go to the download section to get Cod2Doc version 1.2c!
22 Aug. 2004:
Small bug corrected: when the comments were below the function, the first function of the file lost its comment (thanks to Bonks).
Go to the download section to get Cod2Doc version 1.2b!
Also don't hesitate to fill the guestbook (see the feedback section).
9 Jul. 2004:
FINAL VERSION OF COD2DOC NOW RELEASED!!! Check the download section!
There is a lot of new stuff in this version:
  • Full drag and drop functionnality:
    -> drag file(s)/directory(ies) on the Cod2Doc .exe icon, and Cod2Doc will start documenting the given files.
    -> drag a file or a directory on the Cod2Doc application, and Cod2Doc will document it.
  • Cod2Doc can now be easily interfaced with any IDE (if the IDE developper want to implement it!). If you are an IDE developper and you wish to add an easy access to Cod2Doc from the IDE, please read the documentation or contact me at
  • Cod2Doc can now be called with a command line.
  • Now you can add your own html header and footer to the documentation.
  • Re-organisation of the Cod2Doc interface.
  • New veto tag: put !! after a variable/type/field/function prevent it to be documented.
  • Formatting of html improved. No more text going beyond the table.
  • New styles added:
    -> styles identical to the one of Blitz 3D: Blitz3D.
    -> styles inspired from Blitzui, Doiron, Tan, XpeaBars.
  • New languages added: japanese, german, italiano, portuguese, spanish (many thanks to BitManiak, Kbit, Luiz Ribeiro, René Aye).
  • Added a "Save" button for the configuration file ("Application" tab) to save the options of Cod2Doc.
  • Bug with type in function argument for decls file corrected.
  • A few more bugs were also corrected...
Don't forget to donate if you use regularly Cod2Doc!! Number of donation right now: 2!(
Check also on this web page the new "feedback" section, with a guestbook to fill.
Older news:
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What is Cod2Doc?
Cod2Doc is a documentation generator which parses Blitz Basic source files (Blitz 2D, Blitz Plus, Blitz 3D) and produces a set of documentation files in html describing variables, types and functions. But Cod2Doc is more than that: it's also perfect to document libraries or create help files!

For more details, see the description of Cod2Doc.
Cod2Doc was written in Blitz3D by RepeatUntil (version 0 started in August 2003).

Contact for suggestions/bugs
You can either write me a mail:, or let a message in the forum.

Older news
1 Mar. 2004:
There is now a translations available in japanese! Get it on the download section... Thanks to Luiz Ribeiro!
Version 1.2 of Cod2Doc is now in preparation, in particular with Drag'n'Drop functionnality!! Stay tuned!
31 Jan. 2004:
There is now translations available in brazilian portuguese and in italian (words inside documentation)!! Get it on the download section... Thanks to Luiz Ribeiro and BitmaniaK!
26 Jan. 2004:
Version 1.1 of Cod2Doc is out!!! Go on the download section to get it!!
Here are the new features of this version:
  • Option to make the .bb source file accessible from the documentation.
  • Possibility now to add images to style files (.css): see this in action with the DarkPrince style, done by Nebula.
  • And the NICEST NEW FEATURE: option to highlight your own functions and access the quick help and your documentation by pressing F1 in the IDE (like any Blitz command!). Now you have no limit to document libraries!
  • All known bugs corrected.
  • And of course, all the features of v1.0 are still there!
Comments/questions HIGHLY welcome on the forum.
17 Jan. 2004:
Happy new year to all of you! Cod2Doc has now a new (centralized) forum! Please visit this forum. Many thanks to MasterBeaker!
And VERY SOON, version 1.1 of Cod2Doc will be out!! This new version will bring new features to Cod2Doc, in particular with a new functionality which will be soooo COOL!! Be patient...
1 Dec. 2003:
After 4 months of hard work, a few hundreds of hours of development and 6000 lines of code, Cod2Doc is finally released!!
I hope you will appreciate this tool and use it!
11 Nov. 2003:
Creation of the Cod2Doc web page. This web page has been created using exclusively Cod2Doc!!

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